Turquoise and Red Coral Ring in Sterling Silver

Turquoise and Red Coral Ring in Sterling Silver

Handmade 925. Sterling Silver ring set with a huge 14 x 12 Copper Mojave Turquoise and accented with rich Red Coral cabochons. Silver weight - 8.1 grams.



Turquoise is formed when water enters iron-rich sandstone that contains copper, aluminium and other minerals. It takes millions of years and the right conditions for turquoise to be formed. The gemstone’s blue colour can be attributed to the presence of copper while the presence of aluminium adds a greenish hue to the gem.


Not only is turquoise the designated birthstone for the month of December (along with zircon and tanzanite), it is also the recognised gemstone for the 11th wedding anniversary. The gem’s name originates from the 13th century comes from the French expression pierre tourques, or “Turkish stone. However, turquoise is actually one of the world’s most ancient gems. Rulers of ancient Egypt adorned themselves with turquoise jewellery, Chinese artisans were carving it more than 3,000 years ago and it was a ceremonial gem for Native American tribes in the southwestern US. The Apaches believed that turquoise attached to a bow or firearm increased a hunter’s or warrior’s accuracy while in Tibet it is believed to guarantee good fortune and protect against evil.
In the ancient Persian Empire, turquoise was worn around the neck or wrist to help protect one’s self from unnatural death.

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