Tigers Eye Sphere Pendant

Tigers Eye Sphere Pendant


These simple, miniature spheres of shimmering tigers eye sit beautifully understated on the neckline. 


Exhibiting a changeable silky lustre as and is a delicious golden honey and caramel colour, Tiger’s Eye is said to bring abundance, wealth and good fortune. It also encourages self-esteem and courage like the Tiger itself and is a great stone to trust in through difficult times




Comes with an 18-inch adjustable cord

Tiger's eye is famed for its spectacular chatoyancy, exhibiting a changeable silky lustre as light is reflected within, and is a delicious golden honey and caramel colour. It's pretty awesome in the sense that it’s known as a 'pseudomorph’ of quartz. A pseudomorph may sound like a fancy name but it’s what geologists refer to as any mineral that transforms into another. Tiger's eye actually began its life as fibrous crocidolite but was later transformed into quartz. First, the quartz became embedded between the fibres of crocidolite then eventually the quartz completely replaced it while still retaining the original fibrous shape which gives it its famed shimmer. How cool is that? Roman soldiers carried tiger’s eye for bravery in battle and in the late 16th century, it was more precious than gold and was so rare and mesmerising that only leaders of tribes and family possessed it for their ceremonies.