Sterling Silver Heart Ring

Sterling Silver Heart Ring

Handmade 925. Sterling Silver band accented with a rose gold coloured copper heart and featuring over 4.7 grams of precious metal.



Health & Wellbeing

With the element symbol Cu, from the Latin word cuprum, meaning "from the isle of Cyprus," which was known for its copper mines, copper has a reddish-metallic colour unique among all the elements and is number 29 on the periodic table.


Copper was the first metal to be worked by man, along with gold and meteoritic iron and dates back more than 10,000 years. It is also an essential element for human nutrition, critical for blood cell formation. Foods high in copper include beans, grains, leafy greens and potatoes and you may not know this but it’s also a natural antibacterial agent which is why you often see brass door handles - brass is a copper alloy.


Copper has it all when it comes to desirable properties. It’s an excellent conductor of electricity and heat, it’s soft, malleable and ductile, and it resists corrosion. For that reason almost 80% of the copper that has been mined to date is still in use. It’s 100% recyclable

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