Sodalite Tumble Stone

Sodalite Tumble Stone

Stunning natural sodalite that has been tumble polished to reveal its unique colours and form. Due to this being a natural gemstone sizes and shapes vary and will not be identical to the stones in the image. (However each one is beautiful and as special as you are)

Small ~ 2cm

Medium ~ 3cm

Large ~ 4 - 5cm



Creativity & Self Expression

Spirituality & Faith

A rich blue mineral, often with white veins or patches running through it, Sodalite was originally discovered in Greenland in 1806 and has been used in ornaments were seen in 1891. Princess Margaret of England is said to have boosted its notoriety after a Royal visit to Bancroft in Canada. The princess fell in love with the mineral and chose it as interior decoration for the "Marlborough House" . For this reason, sodalite from that Canadian area is sometimes called Princess Blue although the name Sodalite reflects the stone’s sodium content. Sodalite rates a 5.5 on the Mohs scale and is usually brought to the earth surface through volcanic activity and is found within igneous rocks. Fascinating twelve sided crystals have been found in the lavas of Italys famous volcano Mt Vesuvius, sadly they are too small to be used in jewellery.

Colour: Blue