Sodalite Tea Light Holder

Sodalite Tea Light Holder


This beautiful tea-light holder made from one single solid piece of Sodalite weighing around 1kg would look perfect in any room within the home and would also make a wonderfully thoughtful gift for a loved one.


Known as "poet's stones." because it is thought to be conducive to writers, Sodalite filters negativity energy and enhances communication and is said to bring logic, inner peace, and calming energy. As with other blue stones, sodalite is associated with this third eye chakra is one of the densest and most grounded of the dark blue stones making it perfect for meditation and connecting with angels. Because sodalite stabilises the mind and takes you from emotional to rational, it is an ideal stone for anyone oversensitive, defensive, impulsive, or prone to anxiety or panic attacks. It is the perfect crystal for those lacking confidence as it encourages acceptance of the self. It’s an excellent stone for those working in groups as it chills every out and helps everyone get along. It’s also said to be helpful with weight loss as it promotes that release of water retention and soothes the mind. This stone also helps break old pattern of behaviour that are holding you back

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