Skull Earrings - RG

Skull Earrings - RG


Embrace your inner Rock Chic with the edgy yet stylish rose gold plated, 925 sterling silver skull and crown stud earrings, subtle enough to wear to the office and a great size for second holes if you have multiple piercing...... because every Rock Chic deserves to wear a crown.


Due to hygiene regulations, we cannot accept returns on earrings unless faulty.

Rock Chic sterling silver is 925 parts pure silver and is manufactured to a high standard but even the finest sterling silver jewellery will lose its lustre if not cared for correctly. Tarnishing or oxidising happens when oxygen or sulphur comes into contact with sterling silver making it duller and sometimes a dark colour We can’t escape oxygen in the air around us (thank goodness) so it’s super important store your jewellery correctly. Avoid areas like the bathroom due to humidity and store each piece in an airtight bag. Or add a packet of silica or piece of chalk to the place where its stored. the natural oils in your skin will actually help protect and clean the silver. Wear your jewellery often, but be sure to remove it when showering, swimming, or working with certain chemicals. Polishing will be the best way to clean it, rubbing in the same direction of the grain of the silver using a non-abrasive cloth or duster clean. If your jewellery is gold or rose gold plated clean with a cotton ball or a very soft cloth to remove dirt and build up. Gently rubbing the surface of your jewellery using a soft jewellery cloth, helps restore shine, however, DO NOT use a polishing cloth as this will strip away the plating.

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