Selenite Chakra Alignment Sticks

Selenite Chakra Alignment Sticks


Shimering selenite sticks that have been handwrapped with copper wire & aligning chakra stone beads 

Selenite is often called the “liquid light of spirit” and the “stone of the moon,” as it acts just like a liquid light from this world to the celestial realm. It is connected to the Crown Chakra, which is the portal to our higher selves and connects us to our guides and angels. The striations on its crystal surface act as a pathway for the spirit, in fact, selenite is said to hold information within its bonds that can be used to store telepathic messages, as well as strengthen telepathic communication between people.

Having selenite in your possession will help cleanse your mind of negativity, remove blockages in your energy fields and get rid of the dysfunctional energies from your body


Medicinally copper has been used for thousands of years. Ancient cultures recognised copper as a healing mineral and it is still used in the treatment of wounds and skin diseases, as well as internal diseases, anaemia, cancer and heart disease. Copper plays many important roles in maintaining a healthy body and some of its benefits relate to its anti-inflammatory actions that assist in reducing the symptoms of arthritis. It is also used to improve circulation, increase energy and detoxify the body.



Clear Crystal Quartz, Amethyst, Sodalite, Green Aventurine,Tigers Eye, Red Agate and Red Jasper

The chakras are the centers of energy, located on the midline of the body. Each of the 7 chakras represents a physical, emotional or mental state, helping to enrich one's spirit and well-being The chakra stones are used to balance the chakras on a daily basis and to enhance chakra healing.

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