Rose Quartz Tumble Stone

Rose Quartz Tumble Stone

Dreamy pastel pink rose quartz tumble stones. Due to this being a natural gemstone sizes and shapes vary and will not be identical to the stones in the image. (However, each one is beautiful and as special as you are)


Small ~1 - 2.5cm

Medium ~2.5 - 3.5cm

Large ~3.5 - 5cm



Love & Happiness

Natural rose quartz is opaque to translucent macrocrystalline pink to red quartz which normally forms within large pegmatites. Its feminine hues are created by traces of titanium, iron, and/or manganese within quartz and also contains microscopic fibre inclusions of rutile or borosilicate that can produce a “star” effect or cats-eye phenomenon. The name Rose Quartz derives from rose-pink colour, and from the Greek word ‘hyalos’, which means glass. The Egyptians believed the stone could prevent ageing, The Romans used rose quartz as a seal to signify ownership and it is also a stone coveted by cultures from the Far East and Tibet.

Colour: Pink