Rose Quartz Freeform

Rose Quartz Freeform

This smooth and flowing rose quartz freeform is highly polished to reveal its beautiful colour and silky patterns within. Freeform crystals make unusual gifts, fascinating and attractive ornaments and can be used to radiate the positive energies associated with each particular gemstone type. 


Small ~7 - 8cm

Medium ~9 - 10cm



Love and Happiness


Natural rose quartz is opaque to translucent macrocrystalline pink to red quartz which normally forms within large pegmatites. Its feminine hues are created by traces of titanium, iron, and/or manganese within quartz and also contains microscopic fibre inclusions of rutile or borosilicate that can produce a “star” effect or cats-eye phenomenon. The name Rose Quartz derives from rose-pink colour, and from the Greek word ‘hyalos’, which means glass. The Egyptians believed the stone could prevent ageing, The Romans used rose quartz as a seal to signify ownership and it is also a stone coveted by cultures from the Far East and Tibet.

Colour: Pink