Rose Gold & Sterling Silver Heart Charm Bracelet

Rose Gold & Sterling Silver Heart Charm Bracelet

These pretty bracelets feature a 18K Rose Gold Plated .925 sterling silver heart charm and beads and are perfect for stacking.

Choose from 

Amethyst - Intuition

Blue Jasper - Confidence

Garnet - Passion 

Goldstone - Ambition

White Agate - Harmony

Each bracelet is made by hand at Rock Chic HQ using 6mm highly polished round gemstones and accented by genuine 18K Rose Gold plated 925. sterling silver beads and a solid silver Rock Chic tag. 
Once created, every bracelet is goes through a cleansing and charging ritual using white sage and sound and crystal energy and then wrapped up in our luxurious Rock Chic packaging before being shipped. 
Bracelet length ~ 18cm