Riebeckite Quartz Specimen

Riebeckite Quartz Specimen

SKU: UNQ1048

A one of a kind collectors specimen featuring extremely rare Riebeckite included quartz crystals, peppered with needle like inclusions, perched on top of a glittering Riebeckite matrix. 

We have literally searched the internet and can not find anything remotely like this piece. The rarest of of the rare that very few have ever heard of from a remote location in the Zagi mountains of Pakistan. 

We are so excited for whoever is lucky enough to own this miracle of nature. 

Riebeckite is reported to be an almost unknown mineral, although most of us have probably seen stones at some time that were composed of the Riebeckite crystals. The typically dark blue to black mineral was named after a famous eighteenth century German explorer and mineralogist, Emil Riebeck and forms as masses and grains, as well as long prismatic crystals that exhibit striations parallel to the length of the crystal. Colours range from dark blue to black, but because of having pleochroistic (changing colours with direction) tendencies, green or brownish-yellow and yellow-green hues are present.

Riebeckite has a variety called "Crocidolite" which is found pseudomorphed by quartz into an attractive ornamental stone. We all know as Tiger's Eye. A pseudomorph is an atom by atom replacement of one mineral for another, without significant destruction of the original mineral's outward shape.

The pseudomorphing of Riebeckite's fibres does two things. First, it preserves the beauty of the fibres and their lustrous light effects, and secondly it produces a much more durable stone that is now suitable for carving and jewellery, thanks to the silicification.

Blue Tiger's Eye (aka Eagle's or Hawk's Eye) has the original blue colour of the Riebeckite while the more common brown/gold colour is the result of oxidation of the iron into limonite inclusions.

Although it is improper to refer to Tiger's Eye as being a form of Riebeckite due to lack of Riebeckite present in the stone, credit must be given to Riebeckite for the aid in producing this wonderfully beautiful stone.

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