Ocean Jasper Egg

Ocean Jasper Egg


One of the rarest stone, most popular and sought after varieties of Jasper from a mine in Madagascar that has now depleated, the visually striking patterns of Ocean Jasper give it an almost otherworldly appearance. Ocean Jasper has the ability to bring about physical, mental, and emotional healing. Promoting tranquility and deep calm, Ocean Jasper is a powerful crystal associated with the unconditional love encouraging feelings of joy, happiness and lifted spirits. It will help you release negative feelings and energy, leaving you feeling more optimistic and confident.

There are many varieties of jasper, poppy, zebra, ribbon and more but ocean jasper is one of the rarest, most popular and sought after varieties.  A type of Chalcedony, it is also known as Ocean Orbicular Jasper, Cellular Jasper or Atlantis stone as it is believed to originate from this ancient submerged continent, and may even hold the mysteries of its power in its structure.

It got the name Ocean Jasper because it perfectly reflects the stone’s beautiful relationship to the ocean.

Originally discovered as early as 1900s, the material was only re-introduced to the world at a US Gem and Mineral show in 2000.

Ocean Jasper only comes from one place in the world, northwestern Madagascar. It is found in the Analalava district of the Sofia region in the former province of Mahajanga. There are actually two different deposits, about ten miles apart:

Four different veins of Ocean Jasper have been discovered  and each has produced slightly different looking stones. However, in 2006, mining ceased, because the mine was depleted and no new deposits have been located. This means that buyers can expect rising prices and increasing scarcity in the future, as material currently in circulation starts to dry up

Ocean Jasper comes in a wide range of colours and with many different patterns. The spherical orb-like markings that are typical of this variety of jasper make it a relatively easy stone to identify. These unusual pattern of circles, specks, and swirls are thought to form out of silica rich lava. Silica precipitates out of the cooling magma forming small balls and over time keeps building up forming the unique patterns.

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