Money Tree Manifestation Kit

Money Tree Manifestation Kit


Decorate your money tree with this beautiful crystal and Chinese lucky coin kit. 

Citrine is known as the Merchants Stone and is said to bring wealth and prosperity. Aventurine is the stone of prosperity and one of the most powerful manifestation crystals and known as the gardener’s stone,  moss agate promotes a connection to the earth and promotes health and vitality in the garden. 
You can place these crystals in a grid around your plant. Use the coins in the grid or tie them to the plant itself with red twine or ribbon. 

Kit Includes 

5 x Lucky Chinese Feng Shui Coins

2 x Citrine Rough Specimems 

2 x Aventurine Tumbles Stones 
2 x Moss Agate Tumbled Stones 


To learn about Money Trees and how to create your own wealth ritual join the Wild Child Crystal Collective Group on Facebook and check out the video using the link below