Howlite Tumble Stone

Howlite Tumble Stone

Natural white Howlite tumble stones with silver grey marbling and a glossy polish. Due to this being a natural gemstone sizes and shapes vary and will not be identical to the stones in the image. (However, each one is beautiful and as special as you are)


Small ~2cm

Medium ~3cm

Large ~4cm



Creativity and Self Expression

Focus and Balance

Health & Wellbeing

Discovered in 1868 by Canadian chemist, mineralogist and geologist Henry How, Howlite has the appearance of white marble or porcelain with a sub-vitreous lustre and is a borate mineral found in sedimentary rock. A group of miners mining for gypsum alerted Henry as it was so much herder to mine and he decided to call it “silico-boro-calcite”. It was American mineralogist and geologist James Dwight Dana that renamed it Howlite in honour years later. Found mostly in the United States, Howlite forms in nodules that have been said to look like the heads of cauliflower and examples have been discovered weighing over one hundred pounds.

Colour: White