Hand Carved Rose Quartz Wooden Stool

Hand Carved Rose Quartz Wooden Stool


Can you imagine how beautiful and powerful the energy from these exquisite Rose Quartz Stools is? 

Perfect for your mediation area, your garden or simply as a decorative piece for your home, these 2 high vibration rose quartz stools weigh over 10kg each and have been perfectly polished to showcase the natural beauty of this spectacular miracle of nature and paired with hand crafted wooden bases.
What an incredible conversation starter for your home or business, adding an abundance of healing heart energy, filling your space with love. 


Rose Quartz is a master healer that carries a soft feminine energy, it is know as the universal crystal of love and self-love It speaks directly to the Heart Chakra,  Rose Quartz strengthens empathy, sensitivity, and aids in the acceptance of necessary change, it encourages fulfilment, tenderness, peace and an openness to giving and receiving love. It teaches us that everything is Love, connecting to the heart of the Earth and the Universe. 

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