Colour Change Blue Fluorite Specimen

Colour Change Blue Fluorite Specimen

SKU: UNQ1079

This museum quality specimen really does have it all when it comes to rarity and collectability. Not only showcases the perfect cubic structure of this gemstone, perfectly poised on-top of the glittering host rock but it is also one of the rarest colours of flourite to be found in nature with its Tanzanite blues, and features two incredible natural phenomenons. Fluorescence and Colour-Change. 


Fluorite fluoresces when placed under ultraviolet light. Blue is the most common colour to fluoresce as you can see in this specimen but it is also possible to see, purple, green and even red glowing within the gem, the word “fluorescent” only exists in our vocabulary today because of this gemstone so remember that next time you see a fluorescent tube light or a marker pen. 


When illuminated with incandescent light, such as a candle or yellow light bulb, the gem turns the most beautiful pinkish purple and under fluorescent light witness vivid green hues.

Colour Change Fluorite is by far one of the most beautiful and interesting minerals available and a must have for any crystal connoisseur . 

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