Astrophyllite Palm Stone

Astrophyllite Palm Stone


~ 70mm

Astrophyllite is a very rare potassium, iron, titanium, manganese, sodium, silicate mineral, its name comes from a Greek word meaning “star leaf” as its formation looks like a leaf or a star although some also call it the firework stone as when the gemstone interacts with the light it looks like a myriad of fireworks shining in the night sky. 

Astrophyllite was first found in 1844 by the Norwegian mineralogist Paul Christian Weibye. He described it as brown glimmer or brauner glimmer. Ten years later, it was named Astrophyllite by Carl Johan August Theodor Scheerer who described its properties.

Astrophyllite can be found in large masses of igneous rock and within pegmatite. 

Astrophyllite looks very similar to the minerals Nuummite and Arfvedsonite. The colours are very similar, as all the crystals above offer metallic lustres of blues, oranges, and coppers. The best way to identify and differentiate Astrophyllite is to look for tiny striations throughout a dark brown or black matrix. Furthermore, due to the number of minerals within this stone, it is always heavier (and rarer) than Nuummite and Arfvedsonite.