Amethyst Sterling Silver Stacker Ring

Amethyst Sterling Silver Stacker Ring

Handmade 925. Sterling Silver stacker ring set with a 4mm step cut Amethyst. Perfect for stacking or as an understated solitaire Silver weight - 1.1 grams.


Focus & Balnace

Health & Wellbeing

Sprituality & Faith 

The birthstone for the month of February, and the official gem for Wednesday, Jupiter and those born under the sign of Pisces, Amethyst is the name given to purple Quartz and its name is thought to have derived from the Greek word ‘Amethustos’, ‘a’ meaning ‘not’ and ‘methustos’ meaning ‘to intoxicate’. Many years ago, the wealthy were said to pour water into amethyst goblets while their guests drank wine. The purple colour of the amethyst disguising the colour of the drink so the wealthy lord could look like he was drinking while still remaining sober. In ancient times it was also believed to you could save someone intoxicated from delirium if you mixed crushed amethyst into their drink.

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