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How to Survive Mercury Retrograde

Have you been feeling meh over the last week, been overly emotional, losing your temper, feeling like everything is a struggle and super exhausting?

That'll be the retrograde!

Has your laptop broken, have you been knocking things over, has your car been troubling you?

That'll be the retrograde!

Have you been late for meetings, had your travel plans scrambled, sent an email that you shouldn't have?

Yes, you guessed it... That'll be Mercury Retrograde.

We hear this term thrown around a lot and it seems the whole world is blaming Mercury for every little thing going wrong in their lives, but what is Mercury Retrograde?

The word retrograde comes from the Latin retrogradus, meaning “backward step.”

And as the word suggests, retrograde is when a planet appears to go backward in its orbit, as viewed from Earth.

But how can planets move backwards?

In short... They can't. The planet does not physically start moving backwards, it just appears to do so because of the relative positions of the planet and Earth and how they are moving around the Sun.

Imagine two cars on the motorway going in the same direction in different lanes. If one car is driving faster than the other, the slower car will appear to go backward from the perspective of a person in the faster car, even though the slower car is still going pretty fast in the same direction.

I hope that make a bit more sense now. We'll talk about how Mercury Retrograde can affect you in a moment but first I've listed the mercury retrograde dates for 2020 below

February 16 – March 9

June 18 – July 12

October 13 – November 13

So how does Mercury Retrograde affect us?

Like the Greek messenger god it was named after, the planet Mercury is associated with communication, clear thinking, electronics, information and travel. This is why when it's retrograde we experience problems in these areas. We lose things or they break. We seem more clumsy. Projects stall. Breakups happen. Schedules are thrown off.

In todays society where emails, texts, and WiFi are everything, the planet of communication has its work cut out, so when Mercury goes haywire during its retrograde, it's felt by all in abundance.

This planet's reputation for really messing things up is real, but it's also due to the fast-paced lifestyle we live. With that said, take this opportunity to slow down, Try not to start anything new. Focus on activities that start with the prefix “re-,” which, just like retrograde, means to go back. 

Review all your email correspondence and contracts before you sign. 

Renew your commitments, rather than making new ones.

Prepare to repeat yourself often as retrograde screws up communication

Reunite with old friends. 

Redecorate a room. 

Maybe even Rekindle a romance although be careful with this. Something Mercury Retrograde can do is bring back an old flame to help you get closure.

Mercury retrograde is a great opportunity to handle unfinished business that we've started but never completed. These things can clutter up our brain so use this time to free up some brain space, tie up loose ends and get clear on your visions for the future.

Mercury Retrograde Do's and Don'ts

Be flexible, adaptable, and patient. You may have to step outside your comfort zone to come up with the right fix for the crazy shizzle happening right now

Keep an eye on your car. Check your petrol, warning lights and schedule maintenance appointments.

Revisit persistent issues from the past. This is the perfect time to address that one thing that's been on your mind lately and resolve it once and for all.

Be prepared Plan out your schedule in advance so that important meetings don’t happen until after Mercury goes direct, be extra cautious with travel arrangements, back up your computer and phone so you don’t lose important data if they shut down without warning. (This happened to me numerous times this week). and be extra clear in your communications. Double-check any emails for mistakes and carefully read the details of important documents.

De-clutter This will clear your physical space and get you organised so as to avoid extra confusion as well as trip, fall and spill hazards. Let go of what is no longer serving you physically and mentally. It's a great time to finish any projects that you have started but haven't completed, however, starting something new is not recommended.

Avoid making big decisions Remember that mercury rules communications so misunderstandings and disagreements can be abundant during this and you might only end up changing your mind on something later so wait.

Watch your Words Be careful with the language you use when talking to people to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. I recommend using this time for self-reflection and contemplation and not social activities

Positive Affirmations It's easy to feel more emotional and insecure than usual during Mercury Retrograde. Be mindful of your self-talk, keep it positive and use of affirmations to reverse any negative thinking.

Keep a Positive Mindset As I said at the beginning of this blog post, everyone seems to blame everything on mercury retrograde .Instead of focusing on the negative vibes, think of this time in a positive light as an opportunity to allow you to rest and and reflect and to focus on your self-care. Lots of baths and face masks are my favourite during retrograde.

Enjoy alone time It is normal when Mercury is retrograde to feel the need for more alone time so use this as an opportunity to rest and recharge your batteries. Skip the hustle and take things easy, get plenty of sleep, get lost in a good book and savour other relaxing activity you never usually get time to do.

Detox Digitally With so much potential chaos happening with communication and technology, there's no better time for a digital detox. Switch off social media for while, replace it with something creative or mindful like spending time in nature.

Exercise If you are feeling anxious due to Mercury Retrograde why not sweat out your frustration and clear your mind at the gym, your favourite exercise class or going for a brisk walk or run in nature. Yoga is also perfect for this time as it's relaxing, yet energising, and is a form of meditation, plus gentle stretches will help your body to feel recharged, clear your mind and boost your mood.

Get Creative If you are arty, crafty, musical or like gardening there's no better time to embrace all thing activities you love. This will allow you to express yourself, get out of your own head and be present and mindful.

Journal It Out Spend ten minutes daily journalling your thoughts and reflect on what’s coming up for you in this time. Brain dumping is a great way to clear the clutter and you can even write down all the negative things in your head burn them as a releasing ritual. This is how Mercury Retrograde can be a time for healing and renewal.

Meditate During retro your mind can be over-active and crazy busy. From over-analysing, to worrying, to generally having messy thoughts, it can feel like our brain has turned into a washing machine, cycling all the crap around and around. Meditating every day will allow you to have some time out to be in silence and to reflect, it can also release endorphins to boost your mood and may even help you sleep better

Smudge Your Space Use sacred herbs like white sage or palo santo to remove negative energy from your space and also yourself. Be sure to get the smoke into all the corners where negative energy could be festering and notice how your space will feel lighter and more airy and calm.

Use Essential Oils Try diffusing or mixing a blend of essential oils to support you emotionally and mentally. Lemon grass promotes positive, feel good vibes, helps you relax when you’re feeling uptight.and has a calming influence, useful when you’re feeling overwhelmed, while ylang ylang promotes release of tension and stress and is useful for dispelling fear, nervousness, worry and anxiety.<