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Sorry You Missed The GEMeration


Closed GEM.png

Sorry but the Deadline has passed for the inaugural founders to join the Rock Chic GEMeration. Doors Closed Midnight Tuesday 4th February. But fear not, all is not lost, we will be opening the doors to this phenomenal membership group again very soon. So drop your email in the box below to join the waitlist and be amongst the very first to know when we reopen the doors.

The Rock Chic GEM-eration combines a monthly crystal subscription box with a monthly training course and is a safe place to learn and grow your knowledge as well as your crystal collection.


Here’s what’s included…


  • £40 worth of exclusive crystals, specimens, jewellery and holistic goodies delivered to your door every single month

  • FREE shipping of your subscription box (additional charges may apply if outside the UK)

  • A monthly masterclass on how to use your new crystals within the Rock Chic membership hub

  • Your own 10% Discount Code to use on the Rock Chic website as many times as you like while you remain a member


Get over £129 of products, training and discount every single month for ONLY £39.99

Membership Applications will reopen in July 2020

Join The Waitlist Here
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