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+44 7305 873241


Here at Rock Chic we absolutely love to hear from our customers and fans alike. If you have a question for us, a complaint or if you just want to reach out and say hello, that's all cool with us. Whether the subject relates to the crystal shop, genuine gemstones, crystal healing or something unique, Email us at the address above or fill out the form opposite and we will respond to you as soon as we are able to.


If you prefer to talk to someone in person then we'd love you to give us a call on the number above, We have a specially trained unit of elite business Rock Cats ready and waiting to take your call. However, If none of those is available then you may have to put up with a human voice...


Rock Chic Loves you, so don't be shy!

Thanks for submitting your message.

We will respond ASAP.

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