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In my experience, most 6 year old girls like dolls, princesses and pink.

With that being said...


  • I wasn’t like most 6 year old girls.

  • I liked keeping pet woodlice in a margarine tub under my bed.

  • I liked the feeling of cool, fresh grass between my toes.

  • I liked climbing into hedgerows even though I’d reappear covered in scratches just because I was curious as to what was inside.

  • I liked finding dead insects on the windowsill because it meant I could study them under my microscope.

But what I REALLY liked was discovering beautiful treasures that nature had created..... Shimmering stones and shiny pebbles, sea glass and shells from the beach, interesting twigs, leaves, nuts and seeds.... and my favourite memory of collecting nature’s treasures..... A school trip to the local fossil beds to hunt for our very own fossils.

But it was another school trip to Dudley Museum where I bought my first ever crystal. A glittering cluster of golden pyrite.

I will never forget how amazed I was and how excited it made me think that it was completely natural and that our planet could create something so beautiful. It was in that moment that my passion for geology, rocks and crystals was ignited.


It’s that same passion that has taken me all over the world promoting luxury brands such as Cartier, Mont Blanc and David Yurman.

And that same that passion sparked a successful career in TV, presenting on Rocks TV, Gems TV and JewelleryMaker (where I also learned the skills to create our luxury, handmade Rock Chic bracelet collection)

That passion also drove me to study with the Gemological Institute of America, it enabled me to visit spessartite garnet and tanzanite mines in Tanzania, lecture on cruise ships and gain an accredited qualification in Crystal Healing and Therapy.


And it’s that very same passion that inspired me to create Rock Chic.


Rock Chic has not only been built with passion, but our mission is to continue to share that passion with the world and in turn ignite passion in others.  

We invite you to join our regular, interactive Facebook Lives to learn the history, geology and metaphysical properties of rocks and crystals. On our live streams, you’ll also have the opportunity to see and purchase the rare one of a kind collectors specimens we’ve sourced before anyone else, even before they go live on this website.


When we talk about our customer experience, the word passion is in the forefront yet again.

Deep inside the Rock Chic zen room, each treasure is cleansed of negative energies using the smoke from white sage and the sound vibrations from singing bowls. Following the cleansing ceremony, your special piece is lovingly wrapped in luxurious Rock Chic packaging which is then hand embellished with genuine Swarovski.

I’ll never forget how excited I felt peeling back the layers of tissue paper around my beautifully wrapped box of pyrite, nor will I forget the first time I held it in my hand it’s sparkle and energy felt almost otherworldly to me. Here at Rock Chic we want to replicate that experience over and over again with our customers. We want you to feel like that 6 year old kid seeing something magical for the first time, every time.


To stay up to date with stock just in and to find out about upcoming show themes, be sure to subscribe to our email list by clicking on the link below. Following that, head over and “Like” our Facebook page. If you’re worried about missing one of our live shows, simply follow the instructions in the pinned post so you always get notified.

Can’t wait to share this magical journey with you.

Stay Cool

Emma Louise Dyson

Founder, Visionary and CEO of Rock Chic


Rock Chic

“Nature’s Treasures Presented With Passion”

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